Disrupt The Status Quo.

Make Better Decisions.

We’ve helped thousands of already successful people get better at their individual and group decision making and innovation processes at our public Re:Think events, including CEOs, coaches, professional investors, entrepreneurs, and middle managers, among others.

At a private Re:Think workshop, we take the same approach but design it with your organization’s needs in mind. The goal is to help you become different and unmatchable – come out ahead in the Red Queen Effect game that is modern business, where we all must run hard just to stay in place.

Avoid Rather Than Solve Your Problems

Imagine you’re sitting at a poker table. You’re dealt cards the same as everyone else, and you’re playing by the same rules. The thing is, you’ve got an advantage: You can see everyone else’s cards, and they can’t see yours. How many hands would you play wrong?

And so the rule for decision making in life and business goes like this: The least blind spots wins.

This means that the first and biggest leverage point any of us have in improving our organizations and getting massively better results is improving our ability to make confident and correct decisions, all the time. Through better initial decisions, we avoid problems.

The brilliant Peter Bevelin put it best: “I don’t want to be a great problem solver. I want to avoid problems – prevent them from happening and doing it right from the beginning.”

Doing things “right from the beginning” means understanding exactly what good decision making looks like and developing deeply ingrained habits that lead to success. This doesn’t happen on its own, but we can help you get there.

What We’ll Discuss

Over the course of two days, we’ll explore why and where our natural decision-making processes can lead us astray and how that plays out in an organizational context. We’ll also discuss the fundamentals of creativity and innovation in a way that you’ve probably not experienced before. The goal is to help you get out of the comfortable habits you’re used to – the ones that are causing the same problems over and over again.

What We’ll Do

Our workshops are a combination of theory-based lecture, open-ended discussion, and group activity. Lecture is a fundamentally important building block to getting everyone in the room “on the same page,” while correctly designed activities serve to drill the concepts home by creating a shared experience. The resulting group discussions, the practice of thinking aloud together with proper facilitation, is where new ideas are generated and bad habits begin to get broken down.

Better Systems. Better Habits. A New System of Decision Making

The mental operating system we’ve been endowed with was designed pretty well to keep us alive and sane. But what works is not necessarily what’s optimal. We’re not born optimal decision makers any more than we’re born optimal tennis players. As in tennis, we can craft a unique and effective decision-making “swing” with the right understanding of how the brain works and where it naturally falls short.

A Habit of Innovation

The second major leverage point is to push beyond mimicking and imitating and into the realm of creative, original thinking. But what exactly is creativity? You probably have some nebulous idea of what it means, but can you honestly say you generate original ideas on a consistent basis? Most people can’t do it. They see their landscape through a narrow tunnel, and the few people with original ideas are running circles around them.

Generating Real Improvement

In a two-day workshop with the Farnam Street team, we’ll start addressing the blind spots and limited field of vision we’re all born with and begin designing the systems and processes we need to become more confident, accurate, and original thinkers – the few who can truly “see all the cards at the table.”

Contact us and let us see what we can do for you.


What real people are saying.

I had a great time, met new and intellectually curious people, and learned quite a bit.

Cary, Navy Seal

I had a great time! The group was (as you say) just amazing. The discussion provided tremendous food for thought, and I’ve actually implemented a few small changes that I think might actually stick.

Shelia Chesney, investment manager

I just returned from Re:Think Decision-Making with the Farnam Street crew Shane Parrish, Jeffrey Annello, and Neil Cruickshank and roughly 50 others Farnam Street readers from around the world. It was a great experience.

Zach Smith, co-founder, Catalyz

Thank you for a WONDERFUL conference. As I re-read (and re-read) my notes, new insights continue to bubble up. …Having worked in financial services for over 20 years, I’ve easily attended 100+ conferences. The was one of the (if not the) best, hands down. ....I came away from the conference with several game-changing ideas that were immediately implementable. Will definitely attend another Re:Think conference. Highly, highly recommend.

Manisha Thakor

It was the best two days I’ve spent in any publicly available seminar. The quality of the people and value of their contributions was outstanding. Thank you for a great session.

Dan Thomas, former professor at Harvard

The workshop was the most intellectually rewarding experience I’ve had in the last five years

Matt Urquhart, manufacturing process engineer, Nest

I had a great time, it was very inspiring and helpful. By far the best conference I have ever attended. I loved the content, structure, and people.

Mark Steed, deputy chief investment officer and chief of staff

The material and synergy between Shane and Neil was terrific to be sure. That said, an unconventional view might be that Re:Think's greatest achievement was the selection of such an incredible group of individuals. Literally, every one I engaged in an extended conversation with offered depth, wisdom, and warmth to me.

Chris Antonio, managing partner, Dipsea Capital, LLC

This small investment will pay dividends for the rest of my life!

Eric Jorgenson, Zaarly

The last two days have been absolutely wonderful — the caliber of the group and the discussions were awesome. An opportunity like the one provided by this conference — a platform to engage so dynamically and immersively with such a distinguished and passionate group — is extremely rare. The team’s ability to curate the group and content and guide such engaging discussions was great, and I feel so lucky to have participated! I will undoubtedly apply the principals learned to my decision-making.

Jaione Maiz, business development manager, Inception Sciences

I thought you would like to know, when I was reflecting on my past year, I jotted down the top 10 things I was most thankful for in the year, and the Re:Think Decision-Making workshop was on the list. I still reflect on the amazing caliber of the people in the workshop. I feel blessed to have been able to participate.

Mike Brown, Apple Retail Development

I just wanted to say thanks again for the experience. I left at the end of the two days exhausted and excited about everything we discussed. I’d been exposed to much of the content before but having a really diverse set of minds from different backgrounds and orientations to discuss and interact with was eye-opening. With all of our ability to keep in touch these days, it’s difficult to have any real discourse. I’ve got a head full of things to think about, and I look forward to future workshops.

Tim Alexander

WOW...INDEED! Thank you Shane and Neil for two incredible days!

Karen Hanrahan, president, Mercy High School

Just wanted to drop a sincere thank you for a great experience in Chicago. The most difficult aspect of teaching is to differentiate for interests and abilities. Shane and Neil accomplished this feat swimmingly...the diversity of viewpoints is really what drove our thinking to such deep levels. That, I think, is a testament to Farnam Street and the readership you have amassed. ...I was looking for something to disrupt my thinking, and this workshop nailed it.

Shane Williams

Cerebral turbulence for the status quo

Tim Nelson

The workshop took place two weeks ago, and I’m still on a high from it. ...I was confronted many times over the three days by the limits of my thinking: how my assumptions, beliefs, and perspectives have formed a nice, cozy, familiar filter through which I assess and interpret most everything. And, although humbled and annoyed with myself, I was also incredibly stimulated... It was an incredible infusion of energy and ideas that I craved but didn’t know I needed.

Susan Stitt, leadership coach

"I was stretched by new ideas, had my beliefs challenged and left as inspired as I've been in years. I draw on the lessons learned nearly every day in both my career and my personal life.

Adam Smith